Maxxsonics – Where audio meets innovation.

Found in 2001 by Alden Stiefel and a handful of consumer electronics and automotive security veterans, Maxxsonics is headquartered in Libertyville, IL, in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Now a global leader in the Mobile, Marine, and Powersports audio industries, Maxxsonics designs and innovates products that bring out the best in audio and sound.

From power amplifiers to speakers and subwoofers, Off-Road and Marine lifestyles, to accessories that bring out the pursuit of audio perfection – Maxxsonics is the home of MB Quart, Hifonics, Crunch, and Autotek families of audio brands. Audio is defined by the standard of quality, precision, and playback that is driven by adventure and thrill-seeking adrenaline. Maxxsonics exemplifies those pillars of expectations with sound that transforms music into soundscapes of escapism.

In addition to creating audio products that thrive in adventure, Maxxsonics is the premier OEM audio supplier of audio solutions/systems for Kawasaki off-road vehicles, Polaris® off-road vehicles, and CFMOTO. The Maxxsonics family of audio brands is chosen by industry-leading OEM customers and exotic automotive builders and ranges to audio installation enthusiasts.

Today, Maxxsonics audio products are heard and experienced around the world. What started as a small, growing company has expanded into an evolving landscape of innovation, products, and solutions for those that crave the desire to hear the absolute best out of their sound. For those that have a passion for seeking the thrill that comes out of their music, Maxxsonics will be there to push the absolute limit of what sound can do for you.

Embrace the best that audio has to showcase with sound that transforms every listening session into an immersive rollercoaster from trebles, to midbass, to heavy bass impact. Maxxsonics has what your audio desires.

Feel everything. Hear everything. Audio pushed to the limit.

This is Maxxsonics.

Global Distribution

Maxxsonics brands are prominently featured on all major online resellers across the Internet and select dealers throughout the United States. Additionally, Maxxsonics brands can be found at leading specialty retailers and boutiques in countries across the globe including Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

100% Powered by Maxxsonics
From entry-level to high performance, we offer an unparalleled array of the finest products on the market today.

We Listen to Our Customers
That is what all of our customers can expect when they purchase Maxxsonics products. Commitment and loyalty to them.

Our Team: The Power Behind Maxxsonics

Alden Stiefel

President, CEO
The President of Maxxsonics USA, Alden Stiefel, lives for audio innovation. From retail to manufacturing, consumer electronics has been a…
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Sherri Sawyer

Vice President: Finance & CFO
Being the first employee to join Maxxsonics USA back in 2002, Sherri Sawyer was a critical building block to getting…
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Brian Sherman

Vice President of Product & Marketing
Seeking out fresh and new business opportunities for Maxxsonics USA, Brian Sherman is the Vice President of Product & Marketing…
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Sam Dattalo

Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Sales Sam Dattalo focuses on bringing in more growth, sales, and strategic plans for distribution channels to…
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Luis Larralde

Latin America Sales Director
Latin America Sales Director Luis Larralde specializes in building relationships with key existing customers and newly added partners while working…
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Beata Wasilewski

Director of Customer Support
Director of Customer Support Beata Wasilewski joined Maxxsonics in 2004 after a career in Commercial Transportation Insurance. Handling several customer…
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Rob Anderson

Marketing & Creative Director
Marketing and Creative Director Rob Anderson pushes the boundary on the Maxxsonics marketing vision and creative thinking. Joining the company…
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Ken Eldridge

Operations Manager
Operations Manager Ken Eldridge joined Maxxsonics USA in 2008 with a day-to-day role in assisting and managing the flow of…
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