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Headquartered in the suburbs of Chicago, IL., Maxxsonics USA is home to innovative mobile, marine and powersports audio under our brands Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch and Autotek.

Alden Stiefel founded Maxxsonics in 2001 with a handful of consumer electronics and automotive industry veterans, many of whom serve in senior management positions today. The newly formed company, Maxxsonics USA Inc. immediately acquired Hifonics and Crunch. A few years later, in 2004 Maxxsonics expanded the business with the acquisition of San Francisco based Autotek. Maxxsonics continued expanding in 2005 with the acquisition of German speaker manufacturer MB Quart. The acquisition of MB Quart made Maxxsonics a top contender in the premium speaker category.

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As the company continues to grow, many organizations have come to Maxxsonics to combine their engineering and product development efforts with these same skills at Maxxsonics. We specialize in making great audio solutions, in any vehicle. You can see these products offered in innovative products from Polaris, Crestliner Boats, Reckless MotorcyclesArctic Cat and several others.

Stay tuned to see what Maxxsonics has in store for your favorite ride.

Maxxsonics has begun 2017 with the RPM’s in the red. We are always operating at Top Speed.

Between the Las Vegas SEMA  show in November of 2016 and the Consumer Electronics Show in January of 2017, we have re-ignited the powersports, marine and mobile audio categories across our brands.

In the Hifonics line, we unveiled a huge expansion of the THOR powersports and marine audio line with unique compression horn technology, compact UTV and Marine amplifiers along with a first ever AM/FM Bluetooth head unit designed specifically for use in vehicles designed for outdoor ventures. In 2017, a marine line of speakers has been created for the THOR products, perfect for a fishing boat or a yacht. See the new THOR marine and powersports products from Hifonics here. You can find us at events by checking in on our events page.

Hifonics is excited for powersports and marine but our POWER FROM THE GODS reputation was built in the car and we are continuing to push the envelope with the new 4000-watt BRUTUS and BRUTUS Elite models. The elite line has been further developed into a new series called GEMINI.

The Elite products are designed as non-internet products for specialty brick and mortar retailers that are essential for car audio brand growth and enthusiast loyalty. Check out all the new Hifonics gear at Hifonics.com See the Elite Dealers and Authorized Online Retailers.

In addition to the growth of the Hifonics Elite program, Maxxsonics has dramatically revamped the MB Quart brand in powersports and marine audio segments with diligent focus on the mobile category.

MB Quart has replaced the NA1 compact amplifier line with the NA2 which delivers the same compact footprint but now offer 2 ohm stability and a quick connect install harness. Also added to the marine and powersports category are a new Bluetooth controller and a new AM/FM Bluetooth source unit. The big news across all the trade shows has been the new line of Compression Horns. A new technology developed for Maxxsonics brands that delivers a speaker system that is louder than standard speakers while delivering crisp, clear sound quality. The new NHT1 and NH1 lines are available in various colors with illumination options that offer unlimited color choices and show settings. The party is wherever the MB Quart audio system is.

See the new marine and powersports products from MB Quart here.

The mobile line of amplifiers is focus on a brand new line called the ZA2 line, which pushes the circuitry designs of previous MB Quart designs over the top and creates a more efficiently powered amplifier. The ZA2 will consistently power an audio system for a distinguished listening experience.

See the MB Quart Dealers and Authorized On-Line Retailers. You can find us at events by checking in on our events page. (link)

Our Crunch brand continues to be successful around the world. The brand offers several amplifiers, including the POWER DRIVE. Crunch has also made choosing a system very simple with a logical 3 steps system design. Check it out here.

In 2017 the Autotek brand launched the new SUPER SPORT amplifier line. Appropriately enough, SUPER SPORT was launched at the SEMA show, where a couple hundred thousand automotive industry gear heads gather to see the newest gear for the next year.

As we said, at Maxxsonics we are running at TOP SPEED all the time. Our brands are chosen by industry leading OEM customers and exotic automotive builders all the way to simple audio installation enthusiasts just looking for speakers in their car, off-road vehicle or boat. We are Powered by Maxxsonics, you can be too.


Maxxsonics USA brands can be found at leading specialty retailers and boutiques in countries across the globe including Europe, Russia, Latin American and Asia. Additionally, Maxxsonics brands are prominently featured on all major online resellers across the Internet.


100% Powered by Maxxsonics

From entry level to high performance, we offer an unparalleled array of the finest products on the market today.

It’s the result of a simple philosophy:

Listen to the customer

That’s what all of our customers can expect when they purchase Maxxsonics products.


The team

The Power behind Maxxsonics

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    President, CEO

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    Vice President: Finance & CFO

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    Director of Project Management

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    Director of Marketing

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