Director of Customer Support

Director of Customer Support Beata Wasilewski joined Maxxsonics in 2004 after a career in Commercial Transportation Insurance. Handling several customer service department changes and working with countless aftermarket mobile dealers, distributors, and representatives in domestic and foreign markets, Beata has become a crucial cornerstone to ensure smooth deliveries on products and daily customer communications. In 2020, Beata became the Director of Customer Support, where she continues to work with Maxxsonics core audio business and plays a critical role in integrating Maxxsonics OEM customers into our inventory, delivery, and communications systems.

Beata’s Best Piece of Gear

If you dive deep into Maxxsonics YouTube account, you know that Beata loves to dance. Her favorite piece of gear, of course, is a subwoofer system that can “get the job done.”

Beata’s Dream Concert

An Eazy-E and 2Pac holograms with Eminem and Metallica LIVE, with Lars slamming drums, Robert dropping deep bass and James and Kirk slaying on the guitars!