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The Colossus PRO is Released


Contact information:
H. Christopher Parvin

New Hifonics COLOSSUS PRO delivers 2400 watts of real FULL RANGE power and creates a rift in the industries about “what competitors really want”.

CEA Rated for RMS Real Power
Super A/B Class delivers high sound quality proprietary Class A/B technology
Colossus Pro 5K FULL RANGE Stereo Amplifier

Chicago, IL – Mt. Olympus amplifiers, in development for 24 months, attempts to settle the age old argument about size and power, the Gods of Hifonics prove it is both SIZE & POWER matter. The Mt. Olympus Colossus PRO is designed as a full range Super A/B Class amplifier and develops 2400 watts at 1 Ohm. All neatly laid out in a small than expected package.

Ted Henricks, VP of Sales and Marketing says, “Our Colossus Pro can bridge out to 2 x1250 watts RMS stereo! We have raised the bar! It was specifically designed for the consumer who wants loud full range amplification with professional speaker product. But it is more than that, not only is it loud, it plays from 15Hz to 45,000Hz for sonic accuracy and has all the sound shaping equalization you could ask for, in addition, they look great with a nice illuminated blue LED surround.”

While the Colossus Pro can be an amplifier for a subwoofer system it truly shines as a full range system solution. These full range systems are often utilizing 8 ohm drivers and bullet tweeters to create maxximum SPL with multiple drivers.

Henricks concludes, “Our customers demanded a REAL POWER amplifier that produces big power. The Colossus Pro delivers 2400 watts of true Super A/B Class™ sound quality, in a full range 20-20K spectrum at 2 ohms!”

The Colossus Pro 5K power break down:

CEA Rated/RMS Power
2 x 550 @ 4 Ohms
2 x 900 @ 2 Ohms
2 x 1200 @ 1 Ohm
1 x 1800 @ 4 Ohms
1 x 2400 WATTS @ 2 Ohms

MSRP $ 1,059.99

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