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Vice President: Sales & Marketing

Ted is one of two staffers at Maxxsonics with a dedicated room in his home just for atmospheric balanced storage and the listening of vinyl.

Ted spent a few years in retail but when the opportunity presented itself to get into the audio product design and manufacturing end, it was a life changing fit. When Ted met Alden, life as Ted knew it was over.

Ted joined Alden at the very beginning of Maxxsonics. With decades of experience in consumer electronics, Ted set up the crucial sales and marketing programs that make the Maxxsonics brands so valuable to retailers and distributors worldwide. Today Ted’s role is broad, participating and managing strategic planning, marketing strategies, and product design and execution. With all these roles in his purview, Ted would still prefer to be on the phone or on a plane going to see customers to help them grow their businesses and maximize their success with Maxxsonics products. Now, if Ted could just figure out how to get his turntable on to the plane, life would be perfect.

Ted’s Best Piece of Gear
At 15, Ted bought his first turntable at a garage sale. When he realized that he could change the cartridge and dramatically improve sound quality of his stereo, he was hooked. Ted will not disclose how many audiophile tone arms and counter balance weights he has in his collection, but it could be vast.
Ted’s Dream Concert
All the original members of Pink Floyd live at Soldier Stadium with Ted back stage running the “direct to vinyl” lathe for the concert LP, which of course, would be available to purchase, right after the show.