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Vice President: Finance & CFO

There is an old adage – “finance people don’t know product or music, they just count beans.” Not Sherri.

In January of 2002 the company was only a few months old. Alden and Ted realized they had something special in Maxxsonics. They published an ad in Chicago area trade journals that read something like this; “Young and growing company needs help managing finances. You need to love music and handle brutal working conditions.” After spending 20 years in a stuffy industry that was shipping VHS tapes from Hollywood to supermarkets, Sherri was not intimidated, she was intrigued.

Sherri cancelled her winter ski vacation just to get the interview and has been guiding the company’s financial health ever since. Sherri oversees the organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets. She is responsible for the investment of funds, managing associated risks, supervising cash management activities, and executing capital-raising strategies to support expansion.


Sherris’s Best Piece of Gear
“My TI Calculator that made my financial education a breeze was NOT it, despite the rumors in the hall; it was the ‘Walk Man’ that got me through. Of course today it’s updated; I still enjoy my music portable.”
Sherris’s Dream Concert
“I am a big fan of mid 80’s Grunge and Alternative styles. I’d like to see Kurt Cobain and Eddie Vedder share the stage with the original members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. THAT is a dream, but in my head, it sounds incredible.”