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Vice President: Finance & CFO

Sherri is a graduate of Illinois State University and as part of the original core staff (being employee #1), joined the Maxxsonics family back in January of 2002. She has been guiding the company’s financial health, while heading HR, ever since as Vice President of Finance and has played a key member of brand acquisition for both Domestic and International.

In October of 2019, Sherri was promoted to Chief Financial Officer, and plays a pivotal role in the organization’s transition to ISO Certification today. In addition, Sherri continues to oversee Maxxsonics financial goals, objectives, and budgets.


Sherri’s Best Piece of Gear
There’s nothing like spending an entire summer day on the water, blasting some 80s Grunge and Alternative Rock, with my MB Quart Nautic surround sound system installed on the boat. It’s even better to end such a perfect day unwinding with my MB Quart surround sound system booming throughout my house. From speakers in the ceiling and within bookshelves everywhere, and subwoofers in the corners of each room, the beat always goes on in my world.
Sherri’s Dream Concert
My dream concert would have to be seeing Mumford & Sons perform at Red Rocks. That would truly be a scene to take in and a memory to cherish for a lifetime.