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Vice President of Sales

Before joining the Maxxsonics team in 2013, Sam spent 13 years as an owner and operator of Spectrum Sales, an independent manufactures representative firm, covering the Wisconsin and Illinois markets.

While repping some of the major car audio and security brands of the last two decades, Sam worked in the field, helping independent 12 volt and 110 volt dealers grow their businesses. Sam was that guy that always showed up on Saturday morning to do new product training with coffee and doughnuts (or after hours with cannoli and beer). Store owners, sales staff, and installers all looked forward to Sam’s energy when he came in to show new products, or even just help sell on a busy Saturday.

Before opening his rep firm, Sam spent 9 years in the auto security industry and was focused on sales, product development, training, and helping expand dealer’s businesses push into new categories. In 2020, Sam became the Vice President of Sales and is geared up everyday on focusing in bringing more growth, sales, and success to the Maxxsonics family.


Sam’s Journey Started
Sam was returning home from college, seduced by a dream of going into the AAA program for the Chicago Cubs, while his grandfather said, “While you’re waiting for that call, you can work in this car audio business in a building I own this summer.” That store was Musicar in Elmwood Park, IL and Sam has been dedicated to consumer electronics for his entire career. However, he still plays baseball and awaits THAT CALL!
Sam’s Dream Concert
Sam dreams of the day where he can see the founding members of The Who, with special guests on the guitar, Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton.