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Vice President: Operations

Marc Sullivan is our Vice President of Operations. His title explains it all. Maxxsonics operates at maximum efficiency because Marc is on the team. As the company grew, it became clear to Alden that infrastructure, business systems, logistics, phones, and computer servers were going to be outgrown very quickly. Alden knew that Marc had the experience of big and global business having spent three decades with Illinois Bell, Ameritech, and SBC.

During his tenure in the telecommunications industry, Sullivan developed significant expertise in the areas of business growth, logistic efficiencies, and strategic planning. With a bit of Stiefel Convincing, Alden recruited Marc out of his boring retirement in Arizona, back to his home in Chicago.

Mr. Sullivan works closely with the executive team, assuring the company is taking full advantage of the new digital environment. The company’s business and operations systems, logistics, and Information Technology are all under Marc’s guiding hand.


Marc’s Best Piece of Gear
As you can imagine, Marc is one of those guys that “needs to know how it works”. So, you will find any number of electronic components in his office in some phase of dismantle or re-mantle… but, the one piece that set Marc on his path was a Commodore 64. An entire industry was launched from people digesting these archaic computers. Marc was one of those who digested early.
Marc’s Dream Concert
Marc dreams of the unusual and unlikely. He would like to see and hear YoYo Ma and Kraftwerk do a recording session, perhaps a tour. He is not sure who the all-star line up of vocalists will be, but he’s working on it.