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International Sales Manager

Hector was born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He worked in several industries holding positions in Global Procurement, Operations, Consulting and Sales. He studied International Relations and got his big boy degree at Thunderbird International School of Business.

Hector works in a multifaceted role of sales, market analysis, brand penetration and business development. Collecting and assessing feedback from current distribution models, Hector’s target is to maximize Maxxsonics brands’ growth and expansion into key geographic regions.

If you are looking to bring Maxxsonics brands into your business, contact Hector directly and he will get you pointed in the right direction. Feel free to speak any language you like, Mr. Delgado speaks most of them.


Hector’s Best Piece of Gear
I love all kinds of music, but electronic music is my favorite. Since childhood, music has been a source of inspiration and energy for me. Music was a must for me through high school and college. When I installed a sound system with Zeus amplifiers and Hifonics speakers in my car it was hard to get me out of that car. I enjoyed driving with this sound system so much that I sometimes took longer routes and arrived to parties even later than all the other Mexicans. In my bedroom I installed a pair of Bose pro speakers, which were so powerful that the windows were shaking. How music and sounds are changing when using the correct sound system is simply awesome, amazing and perfect.
Hector’s Dream Concert
Daft Punk private party concert. Beach location, lounge area with pools, open bar and sunset… the rest will be just chill and enjoy!