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Vice President of Product & Marketing

Brian Sherman is our “man on the inside”. In his role of being the Vice President of Product & Marketing, it is Brian’s job to seek out new and interesting business opportunities for the company. He is wired inside several businesses and industries. Brian works internally with the Maxxsonics team and our external suppliers to find the newest trends and opportunities for our customers. Brian joined Maxxsonics with 23 years of experience in product development, sales, marketing, and sourcing. However, Brian’s most crucial attribute may be his status as an award winning competitor and enthusiast in car audio competitions. Brian served 10 years competing in and winning mobile electronics competitions throughout North America and has 8 years ‘hard time’ logged in the audio retail environment.


Brian’s Best Piece of Gear
“I bought my first pair of MB QUART speakers in 1988 from a local car audio retailer. The model was QM215CS, the first series of MB QUART speaker available in North America and a few months later I went to work for the retailer. This was the foundation that brought me to where I am today. So when we tell our customers that these speakers change lives, we mean it!”
Brian’s Dream Concert
“I’m a total music junkie and have been to concerts all over the world. The one band that my age prohibited me from ever seeing was Led Zeppelin. I’m still dreaming.”