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President, CEO

There are rumors that Alden Stiefel was present at the inception of the mobile electronics and auto security businesses. Regardless whether he was at that kick-off meeting or stealing radios from those in attendance, he was very close to the start-up. That was 35 years ago and he has not stopped since. From retail to manufacturing, Stiefel has been deeply entrenched in consumer electronics his entire life.

Like most men that work in this business, Alden’s attention was first garnered by the ladies that help market car shows and events, known in the trade as “Umbrella Girls”. However, it was his passion for music that ultimately hooked him. It didn’t help that Stiefel was already a fully addicted gear head, attending 12-step meetings for guys that had to have a different car every few months. Cars, Music, Girls. What’s not to love about this business?

When it comes to running Maxxsonics, Alden has one guiding principle; fun and excitement. He is hands on with his team in designing and delivering the product to customers, and continues to explore the industry seeking to add niche’ companies to the Maxxsonics family. He manages a team of people that live by Alden’s high performance standard: “Get it right or Get out”. Alden applies this mantra not only to the company on behalf of his customers, but also to his own actions. Dealers and distributors have been doing business with Alden’s companies for more than 20 years and have high expectations of Alden and Maxxsonics because those expectations are highly valued in the corporate culture of the company.


Alden’s Best Piece of Gear
“My grandpa gave me an older Grundig Becker tube AM/FM Weather band console. It had been passed down to him. I have been into electronics ever since. Oh, and grandpas radio still plays.”
Alden’s Dream Concert
“I’m ‘old school’ Rock & Roll. Any chance I get I see the Stones, AC/DC or remaining members of Zeppelin, I’m there. My ultimate dream concert would be Me; Sitting in with Mick and the boys. Ted’s going to sit in on bass. Now, that is a dream!”