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Crunch V-Drive Adds Huge New Mono Amplifiers

Contact information: H. Christopher Parvin cparvin@maxxsonics.com 847.540.7700
V-Drive amplifiers are the high end of the Crunch line. Crunch has just released 3 new models to address customer demands for more power with an impressive heat sink.
V-Drive technology Class A/B Mono SPEED-FETS Chicago, IL – The V-Drive line of...
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Crunch Ships “Murdered” V-Drive Amplifiers

Crunch is shipping a new line of car audio amplifiers with cosmetics that are "black on black on black on black," (or "murdered" as the cosmetic style is called). The new V-Drive amplifiers are the top series under Maxxsonics' Crunch line and include some of the most powerful amplifiers for the Crunch brand to date...
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Crunch V-Drive Now Shipping

Crunch revealed the new line of murdered amplifiers, V-Drive, at the CES in Las Vegas. Murdered is an automotive term for "black on black on black" referring to the paint and over all cosmetic presentation. Alden Stiefel, President and CEO of Maxxsonics, says, "The new V-Drive amplifiers are Crunch's top tier product. The "murdered" design...
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