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MB Quart QUBThree 4.5 stars!

MB Quart QUB is hitting the streets and getting great reviews already. In a matter of weeks, nearly 30 customer reviews of just the QUBThree from Amazon customers.
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Check out all of the QUB (Quart Universal Bluetooth) speakers on all at the MB Quart store:
http://mbquart-store.maxxsonics.com ...
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MB Quart Announces QUB Line of Portable Bluetooth™ Speakers

See the full line up at www.mbquart.com/QUB/
Contact information: H. Christopher Parvin cparvin@maxxsonics.com 847.540.7700
Quart Universal Bluetooth by MB Quart to be unveiled in Las Vegas.
Sound Quality Option for the tech conscious QUB Technology improves sound quality and music power Phone Conferencing on most models Extended...
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