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Prospec Now MB Quart Distributor

Growing its portfolio of brands to provide the best marine audio products for its customers, Prospec Electronics is now a distributor of MB Quart. Founded in 1962, MB Quart manufactures amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, nautical marine products and home/personal audio products. "MB Quart has proven to be a high-quality, innovative company and we're excited to carry their...
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MB Quart Reinvents Marine Sound Experience with Bluetooth™ Technology and Weatherproof, Ultra-Compact Design

Contact information: H. Christopher Parvin cparvin@maxxsonics.com 847.540.7700
Be the first to experience a new sound in marine technology with Nautic GMR-1, the waterproof source unit featuring Bluetooth Connect technology, 160 watts of big power sound, and all-in-one ultra-compact design!
MB Quart Bluetooth Connect – Music beamed from a Smart Phone ...
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