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Apple Stores in the Philippines put MB Quart QUB Bluetooth Speaker products on the top shelf in the accessories department. Power Mac Center

• Power Mac Center is a 30 store chain located throughout the Philippines

• MB Quart Bluetooth Speakers have been added to retailers mix
• MB Quart Brand Growing in the PAC-RIM

MB Quart announced that the company’s portable Bluetooth speakers called QUB were selected for the 2014 holiday season and 2015 product line up for the authorized Apple stores of the Philippines; Power Mac Center

Alden Stiefel, President and CEO of Maxxsonics said, “The Power Mac Center stores auditioned several leading Bluetooth speaker brands to add to the Apple Store mystique. We are proud to have MB Quart QUB Bluetooth speakers on the top shelf in the Philippines.”

Best Bluetooth Speaker MB Quart QUB

Power Mac Center on Instagram

Hector Delgado, International Sales Manager for Maxxsonics USA said, “MB Quart is demonstrating why brand reputation and history are a key factor in our industry. Our new customers and partners knew about and used MB Quart since they were young. Nowadays the new generations of music listeners are looking for great sounds and efficient products and we are offering them with the QUB Line. With the MB Quart expansion and alliance with MACPOWER Marketing and Mac Power Center in the Philippines, we are successfully launching the Pacific Rim countries strategy with a strong foundation for the next big steps into the Asian-Pacific region.” Stiefel concluded, “We had a very strong showing at CES with the MB Quart products. Continued International growth will be very strong throughout 2015 for QUB.”

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