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New Ground Pounder Amplifiers from Crunch


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H. Christopher Parvin

The name says it all, GROUND POUNDER from Crunch delivers ground pounding music for car audio with an all new line up for 2014.

Class A/B Mono
High Level Inputs on 2/4 channel amplifiers

Chicago, IL – The Ground Pounder series of car audio equipment from Crunch has a long tradition of great sound, big power, great value and military spec reliability. This year the Ground Pounder line of amplifiers has been redesigned with a great line up of 2 and 4 channel models with 4 mono blocks to complete the line.

Ted Henricks, VP of Sales & Marketing, Maxxsonics USA said, “Our new full featured entry level Crunch series exhibit quality components, FR1 boards with the most needed features for a fraction of the competitor’s cost. A new heatsink design with versatile features such as high level inputs for those with existing OEM head units.”

SPEED-FETS are the proprietary Crunch High-Speed MOSFET Output devices which allow the Ground Pounder amplifiers to develop great power with minimal distortion.


Crunch engineers have designed the Ground Pounder line of amplifiers for cars and trucks with an SEPP (Single Ended Push Pull) A/B Class circuit topology. This type of design gives Crunch the perfect balance of sound quality without distortion and efficient power through the amplifiers.


Utilizing High Level Inputs, the Ground Pounder amplifiers are perfect for adding into an OEM systems without having to replace the head unit in a vehicle.

Hector Delgado, International Business Consultant for Maxxsonics says, “Customers all over the world have been asking for the Ground Pounder series. Done! The two largest models are also 1 ohm stable. El Espíritu de la Música.”
Model GPA700.2 GPA1100.2 GPA1800.2 GPA1000.4 GPA1500.4 GPA2000.4
1-Ohm N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2-Ohm 2 x 350 2 x 550 2 x 900 4 x 250 4 x 375 4 x 250
4-Ohm 2 x 175 2 x 275 2 x 450 4 x 125 4 x 185 4 x 500
Mono Bridged
@ 4-ohm
1 x 700 1 x 1100 1 x 1800 2 x 500 2 x 750 2 x 1000
MSRP $ 139.99 $ 189.99 $ 209.99 $ 159.99 $ 189.99 $ 219.99
Model GPA1000.1 GPA1500.1 GPA2000.1 GPA3000.1
Mono 1-Ohm N/A N/A 1 x 2000 1 x 3000
Mono 2-Ohm 1x 1000 1x 1500 1x 1000 1x 1500
Mono 4-Ohm 1 x 500 1 x 750 1 x 500 1 x 750
MSRP $ 199.99 $ 249.99 $ 299.99 $ 349.99

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