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MECP American Boat & Yacht Council Certification – Armando Triana


Contact information:
H. Christopher Parvin

Additional technical staff at Maxxsonics

Armando Triana, Customer Service Specialist
Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP)
American Boat & Yacht Council Certification

Chicago, IL – Congratulations to Armando Triana for his recent MECP American Boat & Yacht Council certification.

Alden Stiefel, President and CEO of Maxxsonics said, “With the continued growth of Maxxsonics, it is important that we continue adding the most talented staff in the industry. Our expansion of the MB Quart Nautic line makes Mr. Triana’s newest certification, critical to our continued success.”

Armando joined the Maxxsonics Customer Experience Team in November of last year. Mr. Triana brings 12 years of retail installation experience and MECP certifications in Product Specialist, Basic and Advanced Certifications to Maxxsonics customers needing assistance with product or technical issues.

Mr. Triana said, “I am constantly in pursuit of the next level of knowledge. These additional certifications help me ensuremy customers get the highest level of service from Maxxsonics. Currently, I’m studying for the Masters certification now, even in the snow.”

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