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MB Quart Reinvents Marine Sound Experience with Bluetooth™ Technology and Weatherproof, Ultra-Compact Design


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H. Christopher Parvin

Be the first to experience a new sound in marine technology with Nautic GMR-1, the waterproof source unit featuring Bluetooth Connect technology, 160 watts of big power sound, and all-in-one ultra-compact design!

MB Quart Bluetooth Connect – Music beamed from a Smart Phone
AM/FM Radio – Super strength radio receiver with auto search
160 watts Maxx Power – Full sound quality music power
Pre Amplifier Outputs – Connect additional Power amplifiers
Gauge Mount – Simple installation, shallow depth
LCD Display – Splash and dust proof and visible in bright sunlight

Chicago, IL – MB Quart introduces a music experience that never sounded so good with the launch of the new marine source unit, Nautic GMR-1. Those Chicago Marina enthusiasts who previewed the product earlier this summer agree it will be the solution for those unwilling to sacrifice quality sound and durable design for a competitive price.


With Bluetooth Connect seamlessly stream your favorite tunes and playlists from smart phone and tablet with music applications like Spotify™ or Pandora™, portable satellite radios, and other Bluetooth enables devices.

Designed with a powerful tuner section you can also enjoy AM/FM radio with the ability to drive two discreet channels of outboard amplification. See the ease of MB Quart Bluetooth Connect for yourself at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T8lWgVVQkSQ

Alden Stiefel, CEO of Maxxsonics said, “I feel we really nailed the needs of enthusiasts with the MB Quart GMR-1. It has all the right features for listening to today’s music with ‘Bluetooth Connect’, built in power plus pre-outs and it fits in a very small space.”

Experience music anywhere with just-the-right-size, compact design. Mounted in a gauge cluster, a cup holder, or anywhere else that fits, the GMR-1 can be easily installed to all types of outdoor vehicles with limited space such as boats, watercraft vehicles, snowmobiles, sand rails, dune buggies, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV), and dune buggies.


Although the GMR-1 is no bigger than an aftermarket gauge, what it’s missing in size it makes up for in sound with 160 watts of Maxx Power. And if that’s not enough these channels remain active when running external amplifiers so you can run additional speakers in the cabin.


Designed with the elements in mind—from weathering to wash-downs, spills to sunscreen—the GMR-1 has been extensively tested to be waterproof, dust proof and UV stable to make sure nothing gets between you and the sweet sound of your favorite tunes.

Brian Sherman, Director of Business Development said, “Being outdoors with friends is the ultimate goal of a boat or an ATV or Sand Rail owners. MB Quart now has designed a device that allows any music to be part of that experience, from Am/Fm to app based music. MB Quart has been doing this since 1962 and we’re not stopping here.”
Price at time of publishing

$199.99 MSRP

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