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MB Quart Big Reveal at IBEX

MB Quart made a long anticipated return to IBEX (International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference) in Tampa Florida from September 29 to October 02 with their new distribution partner Prospec Electronics.

The company showcased over 20 new marine speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and source units built to withstand the rigors of the marine and powersports environment. Boat builders from across the globe were present to audition the new line up from MBQuart. We’re happy to report that the response to these new products was far better than expected. Look for MB Quart products to be factory installed in some of the top boat brands next year expanding on an already impressive roster of OEM customers.

Alden Stiefel, CEO and President of Maxxsonics, said of his visit to IBEX: “The team at Prospec Electronics is absolutely a leader in their field. Their dealer network was excited to see all the new MB Quart gear for marine and power sports in addition to all the other products, services and training that Prospec offers. They are a great partner for MB Quart.”

Prospec Electronics MB Quart Prospect Electronics “About Us” Page

2014 marked the first year that Maxxsonics / MB Quart and Prospec have worked together. Maxxsonics chose Prospec Electronics as the exclusive OEM marine products distributor for the MB Quart line earlier this year. Prospec already manufactures state of the art source units making them a perfect fit for MB Quarts high-end line of speakers, amps and subwoofers.

Prospec Electronics Booth IBEX2014 Prospec Electronics Booth IBEX2014
Of course, all the new MB Quart Powersports and Marine products were a highlight, but, some new categories really got the IBEX attendees attention. Among the big favorites:

Lights, Speakers and Towers

6.5″ and 8″ wake tower speakers. Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated versions.

MB Quart Wake Towers Available in Illuminated and Non-Illuminated

Interest in illuminated speakers was on all the dealers “must have” lists at IBEX and MB Quart led the pack with a simple wiring RGB LED wiring solution that can save a substantial amount of time and cost to the boat builder. This unique approach also offers a high level of flexibility for the consumer when adjusting the illumination options found on the speakers.

MB Quart NT1 Mounting System NT1 Wake Tower Mounting system included with all models reduces head-height and simplifies installation
MB Quart Illumination for Marine and Power Sports Speakers & Towers
The compact, all-inclusive mounting system proved to be a big hit for boat builders looking for a less obtrusive solution that still offered exceptional performance.

NK1-120L 8" 2-way Marine Speaker NK1-120L and N1-RC LED Remote

MB Quart’s first 8″ marine speakers proved to be a huge hit! The NK1-120 provides incredible full range performance lessening the need for a subwoofer in many applications.

Finally, the companies long anticipated releases of a comprehensive line of wake tower speakers were a big surprise to attendees.

Source Units – No Wires… nearly!
NT1-RFBT Wireless Bluetooth Controller NT1-RFBT Wireless Bluetooth Controller

The other category of products that created a big buzz in the Prospec Electronics booth was two Bluetooth Controllers. Perfect for installation applications where a “source unit” is a customer’s phone or tablet because frankly, radio reception is hit and miss on the water.

N1-RFBT Bluetooth Controller Marine System N1-RFBT Shown with a NA1-320.4 compact amplifier, 4 x NK1-120 8” 2-way speakers

The new N1-WBT and N1-RFBT allows the Bluetooth device to beam the music into the controller and straight into the system of external amplifiers and speakers.

GMR-2 Marine System Design Full Marine System Design based on NA.710.5 with GMR-2 Powered Bluetooth Source unit and 2 optional GMRWDR remotes

Another highlight in the source unit category was the introduction of GMR-2. Simliar to the GMR-1, the upgraded version will accommodate two optional remotes (GMRWDR) to add additional control to the system. Utilizing the remotes with the GMR-2 boat builders and system designers have the maximum flexibility with system design.

The highlight of the show for me was the overwhelming response we received after several years away from the IBEX event. The marine industry welcomed us back with open arms and for that we are all truly grateful!

More Support
Supporting the launch, MB Quart has reworked the company website www.MBQuart.com to include easier navigation with quick access to the marine and power sports section of the site.

Alden Stiefel, CEO Maxxsonics “Lefty loosy, right tighty Alden”


Tear it down!

After months of preparation a great three days, then it’s time to tear it all down.

Most of us forgot that our CEO, Alden Stiefel started out as an installer in the car audio and security industry. Seeing him pick up a screwdriver to help dismantle the displays was a welcome sight!

Time to Eat!
Ocean Prime, Tampa, FL Ocean Prime, Tampa, FL
Grilled beef tenderloin on plate The bone-in filet at Ocean Prime was a great cap to IBEX
Of course, you can only work so many hours on the road, so to celebrate the end of another great show, we headed to Ocean Prime in Tampa. If you ever have a chance check out the Bone-In Filet – wow!

And for dessert, the butter cake was incredible paired with fresh-pressed coffee served table side rounded out an incredible dining experience! Yelp it!

Next up, SEMA in Vegas
If you didn’t get a chance to see us IBEX make plans now to see us at the SEMA Show this November. Here is a link with our booth details. Maxxsonics will be exhibiting in the Ford Out Front area near Meguiar’s.

Big Thanks to Prospec Electronics
The Maxxsonics team would like to recognize Dave, Todd, Lewis and Josh from Prospec Electronics for their hard work setting up the booth and managing the appointments. All of their hard work definitely showed! It’s always nice to see affirmation that you’ve chosen the right business partner and Prospec clearly is that.

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