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Maxxsonics USA bringing jobs to Libertyville, IL

Business Expansion Demands New Flexible Facility     

Libertyville, IL – Maxxsonics USA is relocating to a new facility in the new Bridgeport 94 Corporate Center, in Libertyville, IL. All business systems and staff are slated to be in the new building by Monday, December 07, 2015.

Customers should use the new address for shipping to Maxxsonics after December 07, 2015.  Nothing will be received at the current address after December 2nd, 2015.

Maxxsonics USA
851 E Park Ave
Libertyville, IL 60048
Phone 847.540.7700
FAXX 847.540.9776

All Maxxsonics phones, faxes and staff emails will remain the same

Alden Stiefel, President and CEO of Maxxsonics said. “We are excited about this relocation to Libertyville. The new facility offers improved accessibility to transportation and the new building is very flexible which supports our continued growth initiatives.

Good by Lake Zurich. We have had some great years in our current space, but it just doesn’t work for us any more. Just in loading docs alone,  we go from two to six.

maxxsonics usa brings jobs to libertyville IL

Yes, we are taking the cool Maxxsonics logos from this building to the new place in Libertyville.

We are very excited to have a Lake near by. Alden and Ted are already working on new marine speakers for next spring. Stay tuned!!

maxxsonics usa

Maxxsonics USA in Libertyville, IL

Maxxsonics is in the consumer electronics industry, specializing in aftermarket and OEM audio. The company will bring 20+ jobs to Libertyville with plans for expansion as the business continues to grow.

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