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Hifonics Huge Hit in the North East

The great thing about going to a “dealer only” event for a distributor like MRI, located in Connecticut, is that the dealers are not much different than customers. In fact, most dealers will tell you that they got into the business because they were spending all their time and money at car audio shops, finally having their Eureka moments of “HEY, I SHOULD OPEN MY OWN SHOP!”

Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014 Hundreds of dealers from the North East checking out manufacturers exhibits at MRI Expo

Thus was the great event in Sturbridge, CT on March 18 at the annual MRI Premium Distribution Services Expo. We met and spent time with dealers who have been in business for 20+ years, as well as those who were just getting started.

Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014 Ted Henricks, VP of Sales and Marketing(L) and Parvin, Director of Marketing talking Power From The Gods with dealers

Here are some highlights and comments that you missed out on if you weren’t able to attend. North East dealers got their first hands-on experience with Mt. Olympus amplifiers, Brutus X14 amplifiers and more.

Mt. Olympus – Now Shipping

First of all, dealers were shocked to see the beast… the Mt. Olympus Colossus PRO. Two x 1250 RMS watts of CEA Rated power in a stereo FULL RANGE amplifier.

Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014
Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014

The dealers who really understand what’s happening with “mobile pro” system installations were 100% dialed-in for this amplifier and others in the Mt. Olympus line.

<< A serious party van with an over the top Mobile Pro installation begging for a Colossus Pro. Posted by #woofergram out of New York

Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014 Dealers and MRI staff alike couldn’t stop handling the Colossus PRO

The Mt. Olympus mono amplifiers feature beefed up Ultra D-Class™ design with proprietary D/A conversion algorithms to efficiently control the Mt. Olympus current consumption. And for the full range amplifiers, Mt. Olympus are engineered with Super A/B Class™ technology utilizing 100% tolerance grade components. Super A/B Class ensures that the Mt. Olympus stereo amplifiers will fill the need for high-power and ultra-high-end sound. Most dealers agreed that the perfect big system would be a big Mt. Olympus on the subs with a full range amp to power mids and highs.

CEA power means when you see “Two x 1250″ RMS on the Colossus PRO, that’s what comes out. Just make sure that you understand what a customer needs for amperage. These big boys might dictate an upgrade for the electrical system, something that Hifonics dealers can do in their sleep.

All the big power Mt. Olympus amplifiers are now available with two additions, the Cyclops and the Odin, both hitting the warehouse before this summer.

Brutus X14 – Now Shipping


Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014

If Mt. Olympus is too much power for the systems your customers are building, then check out the new Brutus X14 line. Shown at CES, the response has been overwhelming. The Brutus X14 is made up of 9 models starting with the Brutus X200.2 two channel, and 3 choices of power in four channel models, which all include Super A/B Class technology. The Brutus X14 line wraps up with 5 models of Super D Class ending with the big boy, the Brutus X14 X2600.1D putting out 2600 watts at 1 ohm.

Technology aside, the dealers were excited to see a #TBT (Throw Back Thursday) logo that illuminates, just like the connections on the end cap. Check out the video to see the full illumination of the #TBT badge. But the icing on the cake for the new line was the exclusive TWO year warranty for consumers, reserved exclusively for the Brutus X14 line.

Hercules Speakers – Now Shipping


Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014

The big crowd was gathered up at the Hercules display for the new speaker line up. Most dealers were shocked to see such a great quality speaker at such a great price. First and most important, the new Hercules line looks like a perfect complement to any of the Hifonics amplifiers and subwoofers. The Hercules speaker line is made up of 3.5″, 4×6″, a 5×7/6×8 combo, and a 6.5″ all in 2 way configuration, then a 3 way 6×9″, and lastly a 6.5″ component two-way with a good looking 12dB crossover.

All the Hifonics Hercules car speakers are in stock and ready to ship.

Maxxsonics Hifonics @ MRI 2014

Overall, the EXPO for the MRI dealers was great and the information shared between customers and manufactures was invaluable… and the food was pretty good. The mini Beef Wellington was particularly delicious!

There were many other conversations in the booth about Hifonics, but those are the highlights. The overwhelming vibe was Hifonics will have a great year. #PowerFromTheGods

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