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Hifonics Elite Program Big News for Hifonics Dealers at SEMA

One of the best forms of input about our products and programs for me as a National Sales Manager is to have face-to-face feedback from a large group of dealers all at the same time. I think that’s called a bum-rush. Well, if you’ve read Brian Sherman’s "5 Emotions of SEMA" blog, you will know, I think we all met with EVERYONE in Las Vegas, at least those that came through the Maxxsonics booth at SEMA. The energy level in the booth was GREAT!!!

Best car audio amplifier
Miss Tayla Drew from WI showing off the new Brutus Elite

As many of you know, Hifonics announced that we are expanding the “Elite Program” for 2015. Our strategy is simple. Offer brick and mortar retailers the opportunity to display and retail products that are restricted from Internet sales. No websites, no auctions, nothing with a .com or a .net or a dot of any kind for the purpose of selling.

While our SEMA announcements were meant as a “sneak peek” for the full program roll out at CES in a few weeks, it is important that dealers get a hold of this information and get ready to roll Hifonics Elite into their business plans for 2015.

Hifonics Elite Product
All Hifonics Elite programs feature a “Warning” on packaging and weblinks on Hifonics Website

We are making appointments for CES now. Do not hesitate to contact me or your rep firm for a full roll out of the Hifonics Elite program. I can be reached via email or phone or carrier pigeon. My email is sdattalo@maxxsonics.com and the phone at the office is 847.540.7700.

If you missed the barrage of social media feeds from the show, here are some highlights.

Zeus Elite Amplifiers

A full line from two channel to several mono amplifiers.

Best subwoofer amplifier for car
Hifonics Zeus ZEX2550.1D Mono Amplifier

Brutus Elite Amplifiers

Also a full line from small multi-channel to mono amplifiers.

Best mono subwoofer amplifier
Hifonics Brutus Elite BEX2550.1D Mono Amplifier

Elite Subwoofers

SEVERAL surprises here that you will see at CES. Here is a peek at just the entry level MORE to see in Vegas.

Best subwoofer for car or truck
Hifonics Elite BZE12D4 Mobile Audio Subwoofer

Yes, even a small line of Elite speakers. See me at CES to see more, hear more and do more business with Hifonics in 2015.

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