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Hifonics will be showing new product at SEMA 2014 booth #61030 in Las Vegas that will cater to the specialty retailer by expanding Non-Internet products from the successful “Elite Program”.

Best subwoofer amplifier mono  
All new Brutus Elite Series

New Designs Featuring Up-Graded Performance
Two – Four Channels, Four “Super-D™” Mono Blocks
All New Five-Channel With “Super-D™” Output

Lake Zurich, IL- Maxxsonics is pleased to announce the new Hifonics Brutus Elite (BEX) is shipping in January 2015. Hifonics BEX are the flagship Brutus series that are only available in select retail store fronts. There are no on-line sales allowed.

subwoofer amplifier
Hifonics Brutus Elite BEX2550.1D Mono Amplifier

The Brutus Elite BEX series offers two sound quality four channels with CEA rated out- put of 4 x 65 watts and 4 x 100 watts. The BEX550.4 and BEX850.4 respectively offer a high performance pre-amp front end to power any medium to high power speaker designs, with all the sound shaping tools needed for the desired in-car response.

Hifonics Elite Product

Complementing the A/B 4 channels are a series of Hifonics’ classic “Super-D™” mono blocks ranging in power from 1200 to 2500 watts with 1 Ohm stability. The Super D design ensures high output and extreme dampening for deep powerful bass.

Rounding out the Brutus Elite series is a new five channel that brings together best of both worlds. It features a 4 x 60 A/B RMS sound quality section for mids and highs and a 750 Watt, D-Class, 1 Ohm stable mono block for sub bass.

Each mono block and five channel includes a bass remote. All units feature an illuminated Hifonics Badge with illuminated power and speaker terminals.

Ted Henricks, VP Sales and Marketing says, “Hifonics is one of the industry’s most sought out amplifiers. By providing specialist retailers the Brutus Elite we ensure the consumer gets the very best installation service and optimum performance. The design is great and the performance is impeccable.”

The Hifonics Elite product will be on display at SEMA in the Maxxsonics booth #61030 and will ship in January to participating dealers.

For more information on the full Hifonics line, check out www.Hifonics.com


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