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Hifonics will be showing new product at SEMA 2014 booth #61030 in Las Vegas including the brand new Brutus BRX line, arguably the most famous amplifier for cars, truck and vans, ever.

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All New Brutus BRX Series Include:

The “King of All D-Class Mono Blocks” Has Even More Power
Big 3000 Watt BRX 3016.1D Features Q Control
One – 2 Channel Amp, Three – Four Channel Amps
Five “Super-D™” Mono Blocks
All New Five-Channel With “Super-D™” Output

Lake Zurich, IL- Maxxsonics’ Hifonics Brutus has defied all comers with its new Brutus BRX Series and is shipping in January 2015.

“Hifonics Brutus represents the “standard” for all other manufacturers to compare. We continue to enhance our Brutus with “Super-D™” Technology mono blocks every two years. This years’ introduction is highlighted for an even bigger mono block and we’ve enhanced the pre-amp section with a parametric EQ, usually found our “Colossus type” product.” said Ted Henricks Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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Hifonics BRX2016.1D 2000 Watts Super Class D Mono Subwoofer Amplifier

The Brutus BRX series offers one 2-channel and three 4-channel A/B designed sound quality amplifiers for after marketing audio applications. Complementing the A/B 4 channels are a complete offering of “Super-D™” mono blocks ranging from 1100 to 3000 watts.

Three of the upper end mono blocks, 2016.1D, 2416.1D, and the 3016.1D, feature a new parametric EQ. Utilizing this sound shaping tool enables the consumer to accentuate the specific deep bass groove accommodating a much wider array of subwoofers and or mid bass drivers. This ensures that Brutus is perfect for everyone and any system design.

Rounding out the Brutus BRX series is a new five channel that brings together best of both worlds. It features a 4 x 60 A/B RMS sound quality section for mids and highs and a 750 Watt, D-Class, 1 Ohm stable mono block for sub bass.

Each mono block and five channel includes a bass remote. All units feature an illuminated Hifonics Badge plus illuminated power and speaker terminals.

More information about all Hifonics products can be found at www.Hifonics.com


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