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Four Days MAXX in Vegas!!


Maxxsonics @ CES 2014We are back from Vegas as we are ready to kick off the first quarter. We are always rejuvenated after getting to hear from customers from all over the world and hear their feedback on our new programs and new product plans. This is a quick recap of everything going on with Maxxsonics that you may have missed if you didn’t make it to Vegas. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team here at Maxxsonics for additional information to help you with planning your first quarter.

First of all, yes you heard right. Maxxsonics has a security guard now. Our hosts at the Aria demanded that Maxxsonics have a crack security detail at the elevator. Most of you met Dimitra Lappas, (#fashneyecon on Instagram) some of you less fortunate guests had to be escorted by Parvin or Keith, not so hot. But, the word is that none of our guests were turned away or strip searched.


Maxxsonics @ CES 2014All the Maxxsonics brands had some noise to make. Hifonics unleashed the Brutus X14 amplifiers. The X14 has a killer new heat sink look with an old school illuminated logo and a TWO year warranty.

Additionally, Hifonics showed new speakers for this year, the Hercules line. These “HS” speakers sound unbelievable and come in several 2 way sizes, a 3 way 6×9″ and a component system. Plus, we’re working on a display program too for the counter tops at retail.
Maxxsonics @ CES 2014 Maxxsonics @ CES 2014

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014For MB Quart, There was a nonstop battle to touch and hear the new MB Quart QUB Bluetooth speakers. A high end solution to the glut of Bluetooth speakers available in the market, the new QUB line is exactly what you would expect from MB Quart. QUB delivers exciting sound and more volume that any other competitors for the price.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014With the Power of Music, Crunch showed two new amplifier lines, GROUNDPOUNDER and the new POWERZONE (PZX).Big power and great designs. The new GROUNDPOUNDER is shipping now. PZX is close behind.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014Autotek showed two new great amplifier designs. The new Mean Machine and the entry level, ATA. New logo illumination on the MM and some new speakers will be a huge hit for those who Tread LOUDLY.


The weather kept all of us on our toes. All the Maxx team made it into Vegas and most of our customers got to town, even if a day or so late. Everyone managed to stop by the Aria during our four day 2014 preview to get a drink, dry out and warm up.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014The team from AR Marketing is presented the Maxx Award for their efforts in 2013. Pictured, left to right John Bachman and Steve Gallagher from AR Marketing, Alden Stiefel, Maxxsonics Boss and Brian Sherman, Director of Business Development at Maxxsonics.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014Parvin photo bombs an important conversation between Ted and Ron from Israel. “Ted has the most hair – winner!!”

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014Customers checking out the MB Quart QUB display.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014RPM Sales from So Cal reviewing the Autotek line up for 2014. Heineken does not endorse Autotek, but it is quite delicious from the 15th floor of the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014Sam and the team from Woofer Electronics in Chicago get the run down on 2014 gear from Maxxsonics tech guru Armando Triana.

Maxxsonics @ CES 2014To wrap up the week, the Maxx team headed to our fave Italian place, Café’ di Amore, where the food is incredible, the music is LIVE “40′s and 50′s Vegas” and the wait staff is abusive! Just the way we expect it! Always a good time for Alden to see his Godfather out in Vegas too…

Now, we reset the year and the weather and get started on 2014. See you all soon and just a reminder, there is no security clearance to come visit Maxxsonics USA in Chicago.

Keep an eye here on Maxxsonics.com for more information coming from the show for all the Maxxsonics brands. Also, take a moment to leave a comment below about the show, the Aria, this new Maxxsonics website or your favorite Vegas movie.

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