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The Five Stages of SEMA Emotions

So, I’m sure you’ve seen all of the pictures from the annual SEMA show, a car enthusiast’s annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas. I’m pretty sure that most of you have watched the build-up to the show your personal Facebook and Instagram feeds like I did. The constant flow of cool car build pictures in my feeds seemed endless, like the hours required to get ready for the show by companies and individuals!

What you definitely don’t see are the range of emotions that go into preparing for SEMA. For us at Maxxsonics, the pressure was even greater as we only decided to attend the show about six weeks prior to its start. So lets go over the emotions…


When we finally decided to attend SEMA and committed to a booth space, the entire Maxxsonics team was genuinely excited. This was our first SEMA attendance in 5 or 6 years and we were eager to show the car world what we’ve been up to the past few years. This was our big opportunity to showoff a bit and have some fun talking to people as enthusiastic about cars as we are.


Now, the panic sets in. We know we’re attending, we know we need to have some cool cars on display and we know we need to show some new products. The biggest anxiety factor was from prepping vehicles and securing product samples – this anxiety provided many 20 hour days. In the case of our MB Quart Polaris RZR, we didn’t actually receive delivery of the vehicle until seven days before we left for Vegas. That left a short amount of time to prototype and fabricate a unique audio solution on a brand new vehicle that’s only been on the market for a few short weeks.


In the final hours leading up to our departure for SEMA, I was left with a complete list of “to-do’s” unchecked. This is when the denial of my situation set in. All that can be done is to put your head down and do what you can do. Thanks to all the friends that helped out. The never-give-up attitude is what allowed us to push through to the finish line!


So the cars are built, trailers are loaded and we’re on the road to SEMA! The relief in knowing that the hard part is behind you is indescribable. A short drive from PHX to Vegas, detail some cars and setup the booth. Still a touch of anxiety though as we’re anxious to see the response to our six weeks of hard work.

And what a huge RELIEF :-D to have thousands of customers come through our booth over the four days. Hundreds of business cards given out and badges scanned, literature – gone! Product samples, full of finger prints and a few even stolen. Four empty bottles of hand sanitizer – used from hundreds of hand shakes with customers and enthusiasts alike. Even an early morning visitor trying to get through the booths without a crowd of paparazzi following him. I will say this with pride that Aaron Kaufman knew the #RU5TY truck by reputation and was excited to know this was project build #1 from Drew Brothers Customs - The Merchants of Cool in Arizona.


After the post-show follow up ends and you’re finished looking at all of the cool pictures, you begin to get a bit depressed and actually miss the mayhem and turmoil involved with the lead up to the show. Thankfully, that depression only lasts a few days because, not only are we prepping for SEMA 2015, we’re going to be in Vegas again in just a few short weeks for the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES)! Here is the Maxxsonics CES information.

Let the fun begin, AGAIN! It all goes back to the stage of excitement.

Here are some parting images:
Best audio company at SEMA Maxxsonics

Just before show opening. the Maxxsonics SEMA Booth is ready to go, viewed from the Las Vegas Monorail
Hifonics best car audio amplifier

The Hifonics ’62 Caddy all soaped up and ready for a detail
Best auto detailer in Las Vegas

Peter and Eric of “BEST DETAIL” after wrapping up 3 complete details for Maxxsonics.

Yes, I had to show the union electricians how to wire up a #RU5TY Truck that is older than their fathers.



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