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Crunch V-Drive Adds Huge New Mono Amplifiers


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H. Christopher Parvin

V-Drive amplifiers are the high end of the Crunch line. Crunch has just released 3 new models to address customer demands for more power with an impressive heat sink.

V-Drive technology
Class A/B Mono

Chicago, IL – The V-Drive line of amplifiers from Crunch has been hugely successful. Except for those few passionate music listeners that needed more. Responding to customer demands, Crunch delivers 3 new Class A/B design, 1 ohm stable, mono blocks with power up to 5000 watts in a single heat sink. These new V-Drive car audio amplifiers augment the D-Class mono currently available in V-Drive.

Ted Henricks, VP of Sales & Marketing, Maxxsonics USA says, “The V-Drive line of amplifiers has been incredibly successful. The real POWER OF MUSIC customers just wanted a bit more power than we offered in V-Drive with the current D-Class mono amplifiers. Now, with these three Class A/B mono amplifiers we are delivering exactly what those customers want. Big power in a large heat sink.”

The Crunch engineers packed the newest Super V-Drive performance technologies inside the massive V-Drive heat sink. New military grade PCBs and large 3 oz. copper traces were added to handle higher current loads. Putting more current through the amplifier and dissipating the heat means more power and a longer life for the Crunch V-Drive amplifiers.


SPEED-FETS are the proprietary Crunch High-Speed MOSFET Output devices which allow the V-Drive amplifiers to develop great power with minimal distortion.


For customers that demand impeccable sound quality through their subwoofer system and are willing to accommodate a larger heat sink, the Class A/B circuit topology in the new V-Drive amplifiers is perfect.

Hector Delgado, International Business Consultant for Maxxsonics says, “My International customers demand the Power of Crunch V-Drive amplifiers. These three new models are 1 Ohm stable and they are going to be hard for dealers to keep on the shelf!”
Class A/B Mono Amplifiers
Model DRA2000.1 DRA3500.1 DRA5000.1
Mono 1-Ohm 2000 x 1 3500 x 1 5000 x 1
Mono 2-Ohm 1000 x 1 1750 x 1 2500 x 1
Mono 4-Ohm 500 x 1 875 x 1 1250 x 1
MSRP $ 249.99 $ 349.99 $ 429.99

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