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Car Audio Manufacturer Hifonics Opens New Online Store Powered by Shopatron

Maxxsonics contact: H. Christopher Parvin Maxxsonics USA (847) 540-7700 cparvin@maxxsonics.com
Shopatron media contact AlexLorton Shopatron, Inc. (805) 269-5380 pr@shopatron.com
San Luis Obispo, CA– Hifonics, maker of high-quality car audio equipment, ismaking it easier for customers to purchase amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and signal processors by launchinga newonline storebacked by the Shopatron Order Exchange. Through the partnership with Shopatron, Hifonics will expand online sales, tighten relationships with...
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Hifonics BRX Amplifiers

Contact information: H. Christopher Parvin cparvin@maxxsonics.com 847.540.7700
All NEW DESIGN Super A/B™ and Next Gen Super D™ Class Topology Two, Four, Five Channel and Three Mono Configurations Floating Effect Illumination Now Shipping Chicago, IL – The Gods have struck again...
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Hifonics HF Speakers

Hifonics HF Series uses a polypropylene cone material and is engineered with a state of the art speaker design. Coupled with a Neodymium Mylar Soft Dome tweeter is our 360? radial air-cooled motor structure and magnet assembly to handle extreme power. The HF speaker line consists of a 6.5" component, a 6.5" coaxial, and a...
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Hifonics Revamps Gladiator

Maxxsonics has updated its Hifonics Gladiator GLX amplifier series with new "Super D" circuitry and a new design as part of a total Hifonics product refresh through 2013. Hifonics Gladiator The line of 6 Gladiator amps use a faster, more efficient chip set for higher power output over extended periods. The amps also draw "much...
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The Hummer is Running Things

It's no mystery that the hardest hit market in the days of this gas crisis is the SUV market. More specifically the luxury SUV market, which are used for nothing more than braving traffic on the 405 rather than anything with an incline or mud involved. The 'utility' in 'sport utility' is almost all but...
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