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Brands Design Manager

The touch and feel of Maxxsonics product designs create the crucial first impressions for all our customers. Long before they are plugged in and powered up, Mr. Carter is imagining what those products will be; both to the enthusiasts that enjoy them and the dealers that build their businesses on them.

Working with the team at Maxxsonics, Keith begins each concept with pencil and paper. These concepts then move into the digital realm with Keith years of experience in industrial design a 3D model is created. Now those sketches have become prototypes that can be judged to Maxxsonics standards.

Maxxsonics products are attention grabbing and appealing all around the world. Keith has spent 30 years in the audio industry and has contracted with nearly every major audio company. Keith was a competitor in NACA and a competitor and judge in IASCA. While designing Consumer Technology Association (CTA) award winning products for the companies that contracted his work. Keith has also chaired CTA workgroups helping to craft many of the current industry standards for measuring product in the mobile industry.

Keith’s Best Piece of Gear
While visiting family in Georgia Keith heard a pair of Dahlquist speakers for the first time. He had never heard music like this before and it set Keith on his path to discover more and more about audio products and how they are created, now he creates the products that inspire others.
Keith’s Dream Concert
Keith lives to discover new music, especially live performances. Living in Chicago, Keith often sees two or three lives bands in a weekend.