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Vice President: Emerging Business

Bill’s nick-name at Maxxsonics is “The Future”. However, he is also part of the past and the beginning. As part of the “four horsemen” of the early days, Bill was the one sane mind among the madness. While the four were still working in auto security, Alden and Ted’s vision for the new company spiraled at a furious pace out of their brains. Bill was able to grasp a sense of reality and work it into an executable business plan. That plan led to Maxxsonics USA Inc. Now, back to the future.

In Bill’s new position he helps guide Maxxsonics into the future by applying the ever changing technology landscape to interest and engage Maxxsonics customers. Online retailers are changing the face of business in every industry. At Maxxsonics, Bill seeks ways to balance businesses that are 100% web based with traditional businesses that still have face to face interactions with customers.

Since he joined the company 2001, Bill has been involved in many aspects of the business; from inventory management to strategic planning and marketing. Now, as VP of Emerging Business, Bill is responsible for partner development with online retailers. He creates a fair and competitive business environment for the Maxxsonics brands on the Internet. This Internet thing is going to be huge and Maxxsonics has a plan! To report an unauthorized posting of a Maxxsonics product, please send us a notice.

Bill’s Best Piece of Gear
Bill’s 1972 Monte Carlo got an upgrade; A pair of Pioneer 3 ways in the triangular enclosures. Bill installed them on the back package tray unaware that just below was a great 6×9 cut out in the OEM metal accessible through the trunk. Installation aside, Bill was hooked.
Bill’s Dream Concert

The Beatles…