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Maxxsonics USA bringing jobs to Libertyville, IL

Business Expansion Demands New Flexible Facility      Libertyville, IL – Maxxsonics USA is relocating to a new facility in the new Bridgeport 94 Corporate Center, in Libertyville, IL. All business systems and staff are slated to be in the new building by Monday, December 07, 2015. Customers should use the new address for shipping to Maxxsonics after...
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The Year of X

Contact information: H. Christopher Parvin cparvin@maxxsonics.com 847.540.7700
Packed with power and performance, the new Brutus X14 series has 3 4-Channels, a two-channel, and five big, 1 ohm stable mono blocks.
CEA Rated for RMS Real Power Super A/B Class delivers high sound quality proprietary Class A/B technology Additional 12...
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